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why we have to study English. I think that there isno exact reason. It depends. Engish is just... only a language. We learn it because we want touse it. If you don't use it , it is no use ...

20 忆人学英语 蹩脚英语 broken English Today, I would like to talk about a problem about why we have to learn English. I have prepared 6 answers for it. Three for fun and others are what I want to share with you. Let’s start with the funny part. The first reason is that learning English and speaking natively is pretty cool. Do you remember the senior translator Zhang Lei who is known for the word ‘capricious’. And his husband Sun Ning’s British accent is so amazing. Let me show you a video. If he doesn’t get married, I almost fall in love with him. I was kidding. Well. The second reason is that leaning English is essential preparation to be qualified for a well-paid position. I can’t forget the bulletin board in a university near my home. The employment information on it implies that 四级 is a basic requirement and if you passed 六级, you can get priority admission. Could the score of test show the ability of a person? No. But this is the reality in the era with 13 hundred million of people. Thirdly, speaking well English can bring you confidence. One of my friends, who got the admission letter from 外交学院, just for his English. Though he had much trouble with other subjects, his English score gave him high reputation. Next, I will say something serious. The first reason for learning English is that speaking English fluently is a basic capability for communication and lifelong learning. The best education, according to the latest world university rankings, is to be found in the universities of the UK and the US. Moreover, 20 hundred million of people are studying English, which is gradually becoming a global language. So everybody needs an English education naturally. Second, leaning a new skill will never hurt you. For example, we have no idea about when your boss will need a translator. Thirdly, the most important thing for undergraduates is keeping an open mind, said by a successful people. That means we should keep studying throughout our lives to see more. And English is a tool. So we have to learn English.

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because you have to pass the examination .

English is familiar to most people, because nearly every student in school has to learn English. It is a compulsory course in most schools. Why we have to learn English? First of all, ...

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